Rectifying empowers you to transcend yourself. Silvia had the courage to change her beliefs and put disABILITIES to work.

Silvia held an executive role in operations for DuPont in Barcelona, Spain when she decided to bring her family to America looking for better school opportunities for her child with autism. “But what happens after school, uh? I know that corporations try to bring people with disabilities into the workforce, and employees resist it… believe me, I was one of them!”

Silvia’s overachieving past makes her empathetic to those who resist creating jobs for people with special needs. Now she argues that we should ask ourselves instead “what could we accomplish as humankind if those with disabilities could share their talents?” As a good Spaniard, she took the bull by the horns and found Miami is Kind -a bakery that sells delicious products creating jobs for people with autism and that spreads the kindness that broke her old paradigms.

As the CEO of a non-profit and mother of a child with autism, she leverages the mind-body connection of Yoga to challenge, recharge and inspire herself. She particularly enjoys practicing Yoga by the ocean on the opposite shore from where it all started.