Every level of your life demands a different you. Ruben reminds us that true success has more to do with discipline and passion than with following established paths.

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Ruben moved to the states at 18 to finish high school and college. Contrary to her mother’s wishes, he didn’t finish either.

But since he was 15, he had practiced Capoeira -a Brazilian martial art- with the only Brazilian teacher in Lima. When his brother asked him “Ruben, what do you want to do with your future” he resolutely said “I want to do Capoeira everyday of my life”.

“Following my passion without thinking of the outcome (…) opened many doors”.

Ruben is only two cords away from becoming a Mestre and has traveled the globe doing Capoeira performing for artists at world class events. He but his greatest accomplishment is founding what is arguably the leading Capoeira school in Miami. His students volunteer performing for the homeless, the elderly, and other unprivileged groups.

Ruben reminds his young students that with discipline and passion you become the Mestre of your life.