Marc Megna

You own the right to shape your life. Marc perfectly embodies that statement.

“When I was a 11 yrs old I weighed 196 lbs. It forced me to spend much of my time alone…I was often picked on and bullied. I was also loaded with insecurities and confidence issues. This went on into my teens”.

Marc’s physical transformation reflected a deeper one. He started training during his teens with his family’s support and the emotional benefits after each training session were invaluable. By turning inactivity and insecurity into physical and emotional strength, Marc became an NFL player. Today he is a strength and conditioning coach in Miami.

Marc’s story deeply motivated him to create the brand Dream Big Never Quit helping others transform their own lives. He speaks at high-schools, colleges, youth programs and businesses on the importance of dreaming big and working hard to achieve goals.

His story reminds us that every kid who is bullied or rejected today can become a hero of their own if they choose to.