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Powerful Nutrition's mission is to fuel active and healthy lifestyles with great-tasting, high-protein foods and high-performance nutritional supplements. Every Powerful product provides clean, quality ingredients and balanced nutrition while providing a treat for the taste buds with delicious natural flavors. At Powerful, we aim to inspire you to defy the status quo in your relentless pursuit of fierceness, in your nutrition, fitness and daily lives. Together, we are more Powerful!

Powerful Foods Yogurt

Born in 2013

Move over, white-washed dairy aisle! Powerful Yogurt is born with the launch of the first High-Protein Greek Yogurt with bold, black packaging. Walmart signs on because of our awesomeness. (See Store Locator for Walmart Store Finder) The massive positive response from active women and men alike about our Greek yogurt protein make it clear that Powerful has struck a chord with active people across the world, even being named "Best Yogurt" at the 2013 World Dairy Congress in Switzerland.


Powerful launches High-Protein Yogurt Drinks in super-delicious flavors. Immediate. Hit. More team high-fives.


Powerful travels from the dairy aisle to breakfast shelves with High-Protein Instant Oatmeals. Think: maple and brown sugar oatmeal nutrition. Yum. With this expansion comes a name change to Powerful Foods. Ooh, we like that.

Powerful Plant-based protein drinks


The Powerful team innovates once again with the first High-Protein Yogurt Pouch, the Powerful Smoothie, allowing customers to crush more nutrition on the go. (This protein-rich food is sold exclusively in stores, not online.)


Customers demand high-protein snacks, and we deliver = welcome, Powerful Bites, our high-protein balls! Snack attacks ensue.


Once again, we listen to our Powerful people who are calling for a Plant-Based Protein Drink. Boom! Our 100% plant-based drinks hit the shelves with their creamy, smooth goodness. Now Powerful fans can rock some pea protein for their post-workout pick-me-up.


Powerful Foods becomes Powerful Nutrition with an ever-expanding array of products to support active and healthy lifestyles with balanced nutrition and quality, healthy ingredients. Stay tuned for more big news coming soon...

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