The Top Running Essentials You Should Have

The Top Running Essentials You Should Have

Two days to race day, and it is all we can talk about! The Powerful Team will be running at The Miami Marathon this coming Sunday, January 27th. And because we now live and breathe for the marathon--or at least for the past few months-- and we want the best advice from the experts, we’ve asked three of our coolest (and most Powerful) Ambassadors to share with us their marathon and workout essentials. Billy Heatherly, an OCR athlete, personal trainer, and Powerful Ambassador since November 2018 tells us:

 “ My Duffel bag, to keep all my essentials together [and we love it!]; Beats wireless headphones, so I can workout without having my phone on me or knock the ear buds out of ear by hitting the cable; iPhone Nike ID watch, to keep track of workout stats. A towel so I don’t sweat all over the equipment. Lifting straps, in case my grip starts to fail [how thoughtful]. Beet Elite all natural pre workout formula. My gallon of water so I always know how much I am consuming during the day with my electrolytes and BCCAs. And finally my favorite rugby hat that keeps me in the zone.”   Vanessa Soulavy, the toughest triathlete, Ironman certified coach, and one of the first Ambassadors, show how Powerful workout essential should be. This is what she’ll be bringing this coming Sunday to perform at her best as a Powerful runner: “My race day essential! Oatmeal for breakfast, hydration and gels every 30 min for the race And my running shoes of course!” [How simple she makes tackling 13.1 miles sound, right? But that’s because she’s a pro!]

Finally, we have one of the most influential members of the team, Danny “Da Menace”; an OCR athlete and Spartan. For his regular workouts, Danny has a go-to combination of items: “My USA workout tank, custom headband, Saucony sneakers, weighted vest, shaker bottle. And of course protein and a smoothie! My gym essentials!The tank made by LegendBorne, headband by Junk Brands, sneakers Saucony, bottle by BlenderBottle”

We all have lucky hats, like Billy, or lucky socks; we have favorites when it comes to workout clothes; and we choose some snacks and supplements over others. What’s important is: they are meant to make you more Powerful! What are your running and workout essentials? Share your own photo with us to be featured in the Powerful Stories and to receive a Powerful giveaway!

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