Powerful Foods, the toughest high-protein products designed to fuel healthy—active—lifestyles, has teamed up with the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand to become an Official Partner of Spartan U.S. Powerful products are designed to provide the proper nutrition tough athletes need to keep going through their day. With—at least—20g of protein per serving, each product in the Powerful Foods line offers a broad range of health benefits including muscle gain, weight control, workout recovery as well as bone health, and immune support. Our food is meant to nourish and fuel Spartans before and after their workouts with convenient, nutritious, and smart-indulgent foods.

“Powerful is all about naturally fueling active lifestyles; but Powerful is also tough—like Spartans. This is why partnering with Spartan Race made sense,” explains Carlos Ramirez, Powerful’s founder and CEO. “It is a great opportunity to merge our products’ benefits and attributes with the values that define Spartans—courageousness, toughness, and perseverance—which are also present in our brand’s commitment to thrive and overcome daily challenges,” states Ramirez.

As an official partner of Spartan, Powerful Foods will attend 15 U.S. races as the Exclusive On-Site Yogurt, where the brand will be featured throughout the course of the event and sampled at the race festival. Powerful Foods will also have a digital presence on Spartan’s online platforms, providing racers the opportunity to find Powerful drinks and oatmeal offered on the Spartan website and in their social media channels through the Powerful hashtags #PowerfulSpartans, #SpartanGotPowerful, #FueledByPowerful.

“Spartan athletes push their bodies to the limit and seek nutritious options to enhance their performance, and Powerful Food will deliver in a huge way,” said Spartan Vice President of Global Partnerships Ian Lawson. “The partnership will introduce new healthy products to our community that inspire the cleaner, leaner and fitter lives racers aspire to lead.”

Powerful, as a brand, was first launched as the first Greek yogurt protein shakes designed for active lifestyles. In only four years, it has grown into a multi-product brand that is concerned about bringing delicious, clean, high-protein food to life. Because they were conceived as healthy fuel for active lifestyles, Powerful products offer many attributes—20g of protein, high fiber, low sugar contents, natural ingredients—that Spartans need to tackle their daily challenges. Like Spartans, Powerful is tough—and disruptive—refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer, and never shying away from big challenges.

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