Ready to go high protein drinks & oatmeal available at Publix by powerful Nutrition

Powerful Foods are Now Available at selected Publix stores!

Powerful is Now Available at Publix--January 8th, 2019.   MIAMI, FL. (Jan. 8th, 2019)--Powerful Foods announces that, starting January, Powerful Protein Drinks and Powerful Yogurt will be available at Publix stores in South Florida. Three hundred stores will now be stocked with all four flavors of the Powerful Protein Drink, and two of the Powerful Greek Yogurts. Made with a Greek yogurt base, our Chocolate, Vanilla Maple, Mocha Double Espresso, and Coconut flavored Drinks offer 20g of protein, 160 calories,  and low sugar and fat levels that make them a unique refreshment option. Powerful Drinks are a convenient, on-the-go alternative to fuel active lifestyles. Powerful Blueberry Acai and Powerful Key Lime Greek Yogurts are to stand next to the Powerful Drinks on the shelf. Offering 21g of protein, made with Whole Milk and no added sugar, Powerful Greek yogurt is meant to be a satisfying healthy snack. Its 8 ounce serving size--50% larger than most single serve options-- make Powerful Yogurt an ideal breakfast or meal replacement alternative meant to keep fueling active lifestyles. “We are excited to bring Powerful products to Publix’s customers,” said CEO and Founder, Carlos Ramirez. “It is a promising match considering consumers are on the lookout for more health-conscious choices in the grocery aisles; and we are thrilled to deliver just that.” Powerful products are now available at nearly 12,000 stores across the States, as well as online at platforms like,, and Powerful Foods products are also available through distributors including KeHe, UNFI, Lipari Foods, and Dora’s Naturals. Moreover, Powerful is increasing and strengthening--along with its footprint--its presence in the South Florida region.The brand will participate in The Miami Marathon this coming January 27th; it is also expected to attend more than ten Spartan Races across the US in its quality of brand partners. For more information on Powerful products, store locators, and online deals, visit  

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