Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

We all have that fitness obsessed friend that lives only for their workouts. And what do we get this kind of people for the holidays? A dress shirt, or a boring sweater simply won’t do it. They’ll most probably end up at the bottom of a drawer in your friend’s closet completely forgotten and never even worn. Your best bet is to buy something fitness-related that adapts to your friend’s, or loved one, lifestyle. At Powerful, we’ve got you covered with this active-lifestyle-oriented holiday gift guide.
  • Wearable Tech: Smart watches, heart rate monitors, gps devices are perfect gifts for you active friends and loved ones this holidays. They’ve been all the rage for a few years now, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. On the contrary, new and better tech is constantly coming out--and we all want it! Even if we don’t workout as much...Wearable tech makes training sessions easier as they help track workouts as well as recovery periods, etc. Plus, cool gadgets help keep up the motivation!
  • Top of the line running shoes: Anyone with an active lifestyle must have running shoes. So probably, your loved one already has a pretty good pair--but it doesn’t hurt to have two (or more). Keep in mind people can be very picky about the kind of shoes they wear. Find out (without them noticing) what kind they like and purchase it for them, or ruin the surprise and ask them to go with you shoe shopping; that way you’ll know you picked the right pair (otherwise it’ll be wasted money).
  • Bluetooth headphones: Whether working out at the gym, going out for a run, or during a training session at home, athletes like to play some music for motivation, tempo, and to stay focused on their task at hand--and not get distracted by their fatigue, pain, or the need to take a “short” break. Wireless headphones are way more comfortable, and perfect for almost any sport and activity.
  • Sports Eyewear: Something that almost every athlete needs and seldomly buys. Some choose to wear everyday sunglasses, and other simply choose not to use any. Until they get a pair of very cool sport sunglasses. This is a gift any fitness-oriented friend of yours will greatly appreciate.
  • Membership: There’s people who have absolutely everything and it’s virtually impossible to buy a gift for them. So you’ll have to think out of the box: maybe consider giving them a membership to a trending boutique studio in town; or a subscription to some fitness app or streamed class; perhaps a try-out package for some new discipline you think your fit friend will like.
  • Workout Props: Full workouts from home will be super in next year, and having the right equipment can prove to be super helpful. Think small weight sets, elastic bands, yoga mats, yoga blocks, or even a nice combo of some of these things--and any other you think your loved one will need (or enjoy having) for any workout.
  • Treats: Anyone obsessed about their active lifestyle is also obsessed with their nutrition and their diets. A good care package of high protein treats and delicious snacks they can enjoy without guilt--especially during the holidays, where eating clean is the last thing on people’s minds. A budget-friendly gift option is Powerful’s Power Pack subscription, where you’ll get 15-25% discount in high-protein products bundles so you’ll have your fit friend’s protein needs covered.
If these ideas seem to be too expensive, or too personal, but you still want to get something your fit friend will value, there’s one simple advice that might help you come up with the perfect gift idea: think needs. The best gifts are those that are useful, and it’s something that you want. So think hydration, apparel, recovery, nutrition. Just make it personal--something you think your friend or loved one will like.
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