Fitness Trends of the Year

It’s the week after Thanksgiving, and the “but, it’s the holidays” excuse has probably already hijacked your healthy eating habits. Soon, you’ll begin planning for the “new year, new me” mentality as 2019 quickly approaches; and we want to help this “new you” with a fitness plan that will get you there.   Keep an eye on these fitness regimes and practices as they are expected to become a trend in 2019.   Boxing: Boxing has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. And it only makes sense, as it is a full body workout, can be done from home with the help of streamed videos and such, and it feels pretty damn good to hit things after a long, stressful day while you are getting in shape.   Shorter Trainings: Through the years lifestyles have gotten more hectic, complicated and stressful. For those of us who are constantly using the “lack of time” excuse to not workout, 2019 is getting rid of that excuse for you; training sessions are expected to become shorter- as in 30 minutes or less. It’s like the abbreviated version of HIIT training sessions. When used correctly, 30 minutes should be enough for a nice workout session that can be squeezed into your crazy schedule.   Personalized Trainings: This means following a specific type of training and nutrition plans personalized to your body type, genetics, and metabolism. While until recently these tests and evaluations were rather expensive, next year they are expected to become more accessible to more and more people. Personalized trainings maximizes results and increases workouts’ effectiveness.   Mindfulness: Being fit also means being mentally fit. Meditation will be all the rage next year- it is expected to become an important component of a complete training session. Training your brain might render better results in your workout performance, and as streamed workouts become more ubiquitous, so will mindfulness and meditation apps.   Recovery: Yes, working hard during training sessions has never stopped being a trend; yes, compressing workout sessions so they are short an sweet will become a trend next year; yes, maximizing your effort’s results is a must...but so is recovery. 2019 will bring a more holistic type of training, where not only physical activity matters, but where getting proper rest and active recovery also matters. In the end, recovery only guarantees better performance. Your body needs the rest to recover from intense physical activity- and why not? Fuel Right: This is a no brainer, because healthy nutrition habits never fall out of trend. Following any, or all, fitness trends without eating right turns hard work into wasted efforts. Try Powerful Oatmeal to start your days strong with a healthy breakfast option suited for the winter weather.   2018 is almost over, and we are excited for what else 2019 has to offer. So far, it looks like a promising new year for the new you with short, stress-releasing, mindful workouts. The new you of 2019 should keep an eye open for other fitness trends that adapt to the 2019 new lifestyle, while reinforcing existing habits that seem to be working already.
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