It’s Halloween—finally. A night we can ditch our healthy eating habits because we have a socially acceptable excuse to eat lots of candy.

Even if you are too old to go trick-or-treating, most likely you’ve been constantly surrounded by candy on the days leading up to Halloween. And (let’s be honest), well after Halloween, too. So, here are 8 tricks to help you keep Halloween sugar cravings in check, and some treats without tricks that you can enjoy guilt free.

  • Use Portion Control: If you are using Halloween as an excuse (because, the truth is, sugar has become a bad habit of yours), practice portion control when it comes to sugary treats. Since sugar is addictive, the more you eat it, the worse you’ll crave it. To prevent sugar cravings tomorrow, indulge tonight with only some Halloween candy. Some, not all.
  • Eat Whole Foods: Practicing portion control with your Halloween stash might be easier if you eat enough—not candy, but whole foods. Constantly craving sugar could mean your body’s energy levels are low. Eat enough—nutritious—foods that will keep you fueled longer, without having to resort to those treats full of tricks and empty calories that won’t help your body function properly.
  • Eat Enough—of the Right Things: Try substituting not-so-smart snacks for smart snacks that are high in protein, heathy fats and fiber, and low on sugar. Try out Powerful Bites for a delicious snack that tastes sweet, but contains no added sugar. Protein, healthy fats, and fiber will keep you full longer, making it harder for sugar cravings to creep into your daily routine.
  • Be Prepared: For a healthier Halloween, keep trick-less treats handy to replace candy every time you feel like having one. Some trick-less treats we recommend are: Greek Yogurt Protein Shakes, herbal teas, sweet potatoes, bananas, high protein bites, and avocados.
  • Get Creative: The idea of a healthy Halloween isn’t that spooky- get creative! Healthy snacks that keep your sweet tooth in check don’t have to be boring. Look for fun “Halloween-y” recipes that are both healthy and nutritious.
  • Get Moving: To curb your Halloween-induced sugar cravings, move! Replace the need to grab a sugary treat with exercise. When you feel like having a chocolate bar, go out for a walk or hit the gym. First, it will put some safe distance between you and the food; and second, it will take your mind off of eating. It might even motivate you to eat healthier after your workout so you don’t throw away all that effort with a single candy bar.
  • Take a Nap: If working out is not necessarily your thing (plus, it’s Halloween, and the excitement of the day is draining), sleeping can also help you curb the sweet cravings. Yes, no tricks here! Lack of sleep, or bad sleeping habits, lead to the suppression of appetite control hormones. If you are constantly hangry, maybe you are not sleeping well at nights. We’re not saying to keep celebrations at a minimum this Halloween, just keep in mind sleep-deprived people are hangry more often and tend to go for the Halloween treats a lot more, making sugar cravings worse.
  • Reduce Sugar Intake: Bottom line, reduce sugar intake altogether. (Duh, right?). Keep in mind that sweet little sugar is more addictive than heroin and cocaine. To avoid sugar addiction, opt for less sugary snacks and reach for healthy ones with lots of protein and fiber.

And remember, Halloween is only one night a year—even when trick-or-treat candy lasts you until February. However, the healthy habits you are working on building will last you a lifetime. Indulge today, but resume your healthy habits as early as Nov. 1. Keep fighting the good fight against office leftover Halloween candy by packing healthy replacement snacks, such as these delicious Powerful Bites.

This Halloween should be all about more treats- and less tricks. Good luck out there.

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