5 Ways to Keep Oatmeal Breakfast Boredom Away!

5 Ways to Keep Oatmeal Breakfast Boredom Away!

If you think oatmeal for breakfast can be dull and boring, you are not alone. Most people shy away from an oatmeal breakfast because of its mushy consistency and (let’s face it) unexciting taste. But, chances are, it is not oatmeal’s fault- we’re just not prepping it right.

Once you learn the health and nutrition benefits that oatmeal offers, perhaps you’ll begin to change your mind about having oatmeal as your preferred breakfast option. It is an excellent source of carbs and fiber, packs lots of vitamins and minerals, has low glycemic index, and is satisfying and satiating.

Besides, now that it’s fall and it’s getting chilly, there is no better way to start your day than with a warm bowl of oatmeal. If, by now, you are seriously considering having oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow- and every other day after- keep on reading to find out some ideas to keep oatmeal from becoming dull.

  1. Use toppings for variety. Think of oatmeal as a breakfast base you can add on your favorite ingredients. Add some peanut or almond butter for a protein-rich breakfast; or  top your oatmeal with seasonal ingredients: pumpkin seeds and pumpkin puree during the fall months, for example. Top your cozy oatmeal bowl with fruit–either dried or fresh–for a more traditional version of this healthy breakfast option. Other toppings to add to your oatmeal while keeping it healthy are nuts or seeds like pecans, walnuts, poppy seeds, or chia seeds; spices like cinnamon or nutmeg; natural jams, honey, or maple if you are looking for a sweeter breakfast option.
  2. Think outside rolled oats. Rolled oats aren’t the only option out there. Try different kinds of oatmeal–you won’t get bored. Give steel-cut oats a try for a less mushy consistency; grab some instant oatmeal when rushing out the door so you won’t have to compromise your clean eating habits due to a hectic lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to mix them up and combine them to achieve the perfect consistency and flavor you’ve been looking for.
  3. Don’t just use water to prepare your oats. Always using water to prepare your oats is just plain boring. Use almond or coconut milk for a delicious twist in flavor, and only resort to boiled water when it is your only option.
  4. Overnight oats are an easy way to keep your daily dose of oatmeal varied. If you live in a not-so-cold area, or if you simply don’t mind the cold weather, overnight oats are a refreshing version of the traditional warm oatmeal. Plus, they get prepared while you sleep, and they are ready to go as soon as you are. Overnight oats are easy to make- just leave them soaking at night in your milk of preference and enjoy in the morning!
  5. Oatmeal doesn’t have to be served in a bowl. Include oatmeal as an ingredient in your favorite recipes to make them healthier. Substitute flour for oatmeal in your favorite pancake recipe, bake oatmeal banana muffins, make oatmeal granola using your favorite kind of oats or get creative with recipes like pan-seared oatmeal.

Now, go try these new ways to keep your oatmeal breakfast interesting.

Remember, there are endless ideas for your food to be equally clean and enjoyable; just be creative. And for the days you are not feeling creative at all, or simply don’t feel like cooking, you can always count on Powerful instant oatmeals and overnight oats– designed to fuel active lifestyles (and hectic ones, too). After all, breakfast just got Powerful.

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